Textures by Erica | Artist, Minimalist

Textured Art Made in New Zealand

On the Blog this month we were lucky enough to feature the very talented artist Erica, from Textures by Erica. We are loving her beautiful artwork, the textures and style, the simplistic forms and muted hues are a modern day take on minimalism. Her work emphasizes the importance of removing unnecessary elements and focusing on essential ones, for you to enjoy within your home. Overall, artists such as Erica, play an important role in shaping our culture and inspiring new ways of thinking and seeing the world. Unlock the Inspiring Story of Erica: The Creative Mind Behind These Exquisite Pieces.

Meet the artist...

The brilliant artist and mastermind behind Textures by Erica based in Havelock North, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. 

She started creating textured art as a means to manage her post-partum depression since August 2022, and her artistic journey and growth thus far has been nothing but incredible and inspiring. Her work has a unique spin to it and would make the perfect statement piece for any space in your home. 

Creating minimalistic, aesthetically pleasing, and valuable textured art pieces is her specialty. Her stunning artworks enrich our senses, well-being, and quality of life by adding immeasurable life, class and value to our homes and spaces.

Get connected with her on Instagram and follow her textured art journey. Support her by dropping some kind words or by placing a commission or two. You'll find that she's a delight to work with and is an amazing individual.




Erica's inspiration comes from the people around her and everyday life in general. Creating textured art makes her feel good, it makes her feel happy. It's her form of therapy, and she found out that she's pretty good at it. You can say that she's found her passion and purpose in life through creating textured art. 

She enjoys experimenting, challenging the status quo, and reinventing her work. She enjoys creating beautiful textured artworks to adorn people's home and spaces ~ artworks that enrich our senses, well-being, and quality of life by adding value to them.


The beauty of handmade art lies in their imperfections.
No two artworks are exactly the same, and they're made, just for you.


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