Warranty Exclusions Include:

  1. Our warranty does not cover water damage to vanities and mirrors due to improper care or maintenance and damage from general wear and tear.
  2. Our warranty does not cover chipping to edges, accidental damage, cracking, or discoloration caused by improper use, damage to products being subject to high heat, damage from chemicals or physical damage.
  3. Our warranty does not cover scratches, stains, or water damage from a scratch or stain. Our paint finish and timber sealant are water resistant but not waterproof as per point 1.
  4. Our warranty does not cover if the vanity or mirror units have been damaged due to being incorrectly stored, moved, or modified in any way.
  5. Any defects attributable in any way to importer installation, due to not being properly supported by reinforcement or correct wall anchors will not be covered.
  6. Our warranty does not cover additional costs involved in repair or replacement e.g. Plumbing, electrical, tiles, basins, or flooring.
  7. Our warranty is not transferable during the warranty period to any subsequent owner of the residence where the vanity and or mirror has been installed.
  8. Our warranty does not cover the altering of the sealant or finish.
  9. Our warranty does not cover an item that was purchased as a sample or second.
  10. Claims will not be accepted without proof of purchase within the 12-month period of purchasing.
  11. Claims need to be made within a reasonable time frame from original purchase/delivery date. All products need to be checked within 3 days of receiving to ensure damage has not occurred during transit and delivery.
  12. Our warranty does not cover damage resulting from an item being dropped onto any of the vanity or mirror surfaces before or after installation.



By agreeing to or accepting a quote, sales order, or invoice you are agreeing to the terms of this warranty. The Custom Creative does not warrant damages caused by daily use and general wear and tear.

It is important the proper care and maintenance is taken when cleaning your vanity and or mirrors and avoid abrasive cleaners and cloths.