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Design Collective Features

Design Collective Features

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Design Collective is a space where you can draw inspiration from, get tips and tricks, and find new products from creatives from around NZ. Want to be apart of the Design Collective’s community? Get in touch here, we’d love to hear from you! 

Bambino ~ Social Media (Instagram) ~ $10

You’ll receive 1x Instagram post, plus stories over the course of 2 days with the Bambino.

Midi ~ Mini blog Feature ~ $50

With the Midi you’ll receive 1x mini blog feature on the website only. This will stay as a feature for 1 month.

Midi Plus ~ Mini blog Feature & Social Media (Instagram) ~ $75

The Midi Plus is basically the Bambino and Midi joint. You will receive a mini blog feature for the featured month and 1x Instagram post and stories every week for the featured month.

Grande ~ Main Blog Feature & Social Media (Instagram) ~ $100 

The Grande is the big daddy of all our services. You will get the main blog feature on the website for the featured month, and 1x Instagram post with stories every week for the featured month.

Please note ~ Each feature will be archived after the featured month, which will stay on the website, so you will still be able to view once the month is up.

Prices all include GST

Check out the Design Collective website here 

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